Students back to school, ready to learn and follow safety SOPs


Parents and students both shared their feelings about public and private schools reopening yesterday after nearly a year of online learning.

Education Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha said that the decision to reopen all levels of public and private school is because there were acceptable results at the schools that had reopened early and as long as they implement the health measures set forth by the government to prevent Covid-19.

He said that despite permission to study in classrooms, health measures must be adhered to and all schools must comply.

Learning and teaching must continue to follow guidelines in classrooms in conjunction with learning online and the assistance of a worksheet with 15 to 20 students per class.

Sam Nada, a parent, said: “I feel so happy that my child went back to learn in class. I don’t have enough time to teach my child at home. I have to go to work and do business. I believe the school is safe because I see the school do a good job to prepare and my child is already vaccinated.”

High school student Chan Thyda said that studying at home for such a long time gave her stress and made her bored.

“Studying at home was good during Covid-19 but it was not easy like studying in class. I prefer to study in class directly with other students and my classmates,” she said.

Another student, Chan Raskmy said: “I followed the school’s instructions to prepare. I will spend three-days studying online and three-days studying in class. I feel better now that I can meet with my friends and teachers. When place has a lot people, I will not go near it.”

Chaktomuk Primary School principal So Thy said that the school prepared by installing washbasins and purchasing supplies such as masks, gel sanitizer and thermometers for students enter to school.

“The school prepared everything to follow health measures to prevent Covid-19. Places for selling snacks and water are not yet allowed so parents must prepare snacks and water for their children,” he said.

Daun Penh district’s Chey Chumnea commune chief Roeung Phallin said that the local authorities inspected the schools before the first day of reopening.

Kampong Cham provincial governor Un Chanda said that he wants to remind all students to implement measures to protect themselves from Covid-19 at school and study hard for the upcoming exam.

He also appealed to all parents to get their children vaccinated.