Muslims support royal institution


Islamic organizations conducted an event on Tuesday to show support for the royal institution.

The event occurred at the Central Islamic Council of Thailand in Nong Chok district. Muslim spiritual leader Aziz Pitakkumpon, who is the president of the council, presided over the gathering of Muslims from provinces who wore yellow clothes representing the traditional birthday color of His Majesty the King.

Mr Aziz said the royal institution had played important roles in maintaining the peaceful Thai society that comprised Thai people of all religions and origins. He hoped the event would remind people of the necessity to maintain unity and compromise for national peace.

Pol Maj Gen Surin Palarae, secretary-general of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand, said there were more than 10 million Muslims in the country and they would not tolerate offenses against the royal institution.

The royal institution had contributed greatly to Muslims and provided them with justice, he said.

Prasarn Sricharoen, vice-president of the council, said the activity on Tuesday complied with Islam which called for a show of gratitude for people who offered help.

Arun Boonchom, another vice-president, said the royal institution had always supported equal rights to conduct religious affairs. The council, as well as Islamic organizations at all levels, viewed that differences of political views had created severe impacts on the country.

Representatives of Muslims hold the portraits of His Majesty the King and the Queen Mother during their gathering to show support for the royal institution at the Central Islamic Council of Thailand in Nong Chok district, Bangkok, on Tuesday. (Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb)