Muslim Community in Oupi Village,Kratie grateful to receive a new Mosque funded By Zakat foundation of America


A mosque, funded by the Zakat Foundation of america, was inaugurated on October 23, 2020 in Oupii village, O’Kreang commune, Phnom Khiev District, Kratie province.The ceremony was held in the honorary presence of HE Sles Nazy Advisor to the Ministry of Information and Donor Representative, Mr. Lep Ismail, Village Chief of Phnom Khieu , also with the participation of the Mosque Committee, the authorities and many local people.

Mr. Lep Ismail l, Village Chief of Phnom Khieu , reported on the living conditions of the people and thanked the donors who provided the beautiful Mosque for worship through the Cambodia Muslim Media Center (CAMM) at the right time of  People are finding difficulty to practice their religion.

At the same time, he said he was very happy  and grateful that the village had received a mosque that would alleviate the difficulties of religious practice.

H.E Sles Nazy in the program also express his kind appreciation to the donors ,especially Zakat Foundation of Amercai to make this project possible . He added that the budget for the mosque was raised by Muslims in the United States through the Zakat American Foundation, and thanked the foundation for its cooperation not only this but other projects Cambodian Muslim Media Center .

He also called on the people living in the community to have a community spirit in participating in the maintenance of all Wakaf achievements, whether mosques, wells or other. At the same time, also urged people to participate in preventing Covid 19 disease through the safety measures of the Ministry of Health.

The villagers expressed their congratulations and feelings of gratitude to the project owners as well as the Cambodian Muslim Media Center and the team that worked hard to find help for community.

It should be noted that during the inauguration ceremony of the mosque in O’Pi village, 100 rugs for worship, 1 set of solar panels, along with rice and groceries for the elderly and The livelihood of 40 families is also a gift from  in Singaporean Donor.