Ministry of Education postpones 12th grade exam to early next year


Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, last night said that the 12th-grade exam has been postponed from early December to early next year.

This he said, was to give students more time to study and prepare for the exams.

Sovacha added, “The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will review the postponement of the 12th-grade high school diploma exam to give the students more time to prepare for the exam. ”

The postponement of the 12th-grade exam came after a student wrote a message to the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, requesting that there be no 12th-grade exam this year: Do the same as last year. However, the premier responded that this year “there must be an exam. ”

Sovacha said that this week, the leaders of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will meet to assess the relevant situation to continue to organize the exam and inform the public.

He emphasized that “the baccalaureate exam must continue to implement the principles of law, justice, transparency, and acceptable results in accordance with health safety measures. ”

Before announcing the postponement of the exam, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports have set December 6, 2021, as the time for the Baccalaureate exam or the 12th-grade final exam. The date of the new exam is not yet certain but the Ministry confirmed that it may be held in early 2022.

last year, Hun Sen favored not to have the exam and to pass all the 12th graders, as, at that time, Cambodia had an explosion of COVID-19 cases. For 2021, most 12th graders said on social media that this year the crisis has eased, but they have not learned enough through online learning, unlike in the classroom.