Flood-affected and less fortunate families from 6 villages in Battambang Province received humanitarian donations from Singaporean Donors through the Cambodian Muslim Media Center


Battambang: Until now, in order to contribute to the Royal Government, local and foreign philanthropists continue to donate to the people affected by the floods and less fortunate families in Cambodia.

As on November 2, 2020, flood-affected and less fortunate families from 6 villages, a total of 250 families in Battambang province which was effected by flash flood of heavy rain , received humanitarian donation in term of food packages from Muslim philanthropists in Singapore.

The distribution ceremony was held in the honorable presence of His Excellency  Sles Nazy, Advisor to the Ministry of Information and President of Cambodian Muslim Media Center, Commune Council, Village Chief, together with Provincial Imam,Imam Masjids, Ustaz, and people of 250 families  located in Norea1 village, Norea commune and Toul Champlou village, Tapon commune, Sangke district, Battambang province.

H.E Sles Nazy has conveyed greetings and regards from HE Khieu Kanharith ,Minister of Information and donors to the people affected by the floods and those who are less fortunate.

This humanitarian donation came from  Singapore raised from Singaporean by Sister Nekmah Hj. Ahmad and friends  through the Cambodian Muslim Media Center to share and care the suffering of the Cambodian people affected by the flood recently. He added.

HE Sles Nazy also thanked the philanthropists in Singapore who always cooperate and provide charitable assistance to share the suffering of the people of Cambodia, especially when they are suffering from the floods, despite the fact Singapore Suffering from Covid-19 pandemic worse than Cambodia.Please all the villagers Doa for all donors.

In the Program He also called on people to remain vigilant about health issues after the floods recede by maintaining good hygiene by eating clean, drinking clean and living clean, and especially Participation in preventing Covid-19 through the implementation of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to prevent infection from within the community.

The villagers expressed their congratulations and feelings of gratitude to the philanthropists in Singapore, especially HE Sles Nazy who worked hard to bring humanitarian donations to distribute to them.

It should be noted the people of the 6 villages are: Lor Eid village, Chen village, Prek Preah Sdach commune, Sophy2 village, Ratanak commune, Battambang city, Ballat village, Nora village, Nora commune, and Tuol Chumplu (Samdech) village, Tapon commune, Sangke district, Battambang province.