Cooperation between Cambodia and Thailand sees 200 Cambodian workers enter Thailand


The test runs for the migrant worker cooperation between officials of Battambang and Chanthaburi, Thailand continues with 200 Cambodian workers entering Thailand for work legally.

A border checkpoint official in Battambang said that during the first two days of December’s first week Thai companies in Chanthaburi requested Cambodian workers and about 200 Cambodians left for Thailand.

The Head of Ban Lem International Port in Kamrieng District, Khim Tip Mony, said on December 13 that according to the agreement between Thailand and Cambodia, Thailand is allowed to bring Cambodian workers to Thailand for two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday, through the border checkpoint.

Mony continued that from December 8 to December 9, a total of 200 Cambodian workers were involved in the test run of the work agreement. If the test proceeds smoothly, the Thai authorities will extend the cooperation to three days and get more Cambodian workers.

The Deputy Governor of Kamrieng District, Koeun Satya, said that the sending of the Cambodian workers to Thailand is a test that came after the agreement between both countries to strengthen cooperation between Cambodia and Thailand. If the process goes smoothly, Thailand plans to get 20,000 Cambodian workers to work in Chanthaburi Province.

According to Mony, workers who are chosen to work in Chanthaburi must meet certain conditions and are under the supervision of border checkpoint officials and the Department of Labour, they must also have an employer and company as their guarantors.  AKP