All schools to reopen, with strict measures in place, from Nov 1


The Ministry of Education,  yesterday announced the reopening of public and private schools nationwide from November 1. All schools must adhere strictly to the Covid-19 measures laid out by the Ministry of Health to prevent infections in the classrooms while studying.

The ministry added that for schools to reopen, each classroom must allow only 15 to 20 students at a time to study, and if more students are enrolled, they must take turns to study in-class. They are limited to only 15 to 20 students per classroom because it is easy to maintain social distancing.

The ministry also said that to protect the returning students and staff, the ministry will not allow the sale of food inside schools. Other essential measures for healthy studying include regular washing of hands with alcohol gel, and the wearing of face masks, both before entering the school campus and throughout the day. These guidelines will protect those members of society who are the most at risk of complications following infection by the virus.

“The ministry will not allow teachers who are unvaccinated to teach in the classroom but they may teach online from home. School principals should be advising them to go to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” said the statement.

The ministry also called on all parents and stakeholders to donate face masks, sanitation gel, and sundry Covid-19 protective materials to schools to aid in their preventative measures against the virus.

The ministry added that if any classroom recorded a positive Covid-19 infection, all students and teachers involved must go to a treatment center or quarantine center for 14 days, and the classroom will have to close. Other classrooms in the same school may continue to study, albeit with strictly practiced Covid-19 measures.

The ministry also said that universities and education institutes may reopen as well, but they must request permission from the ministry before reopening. They will have to submit a highly detailed outline of the protective measures that they intend to pursue in order to be permitted to reopen.

On September 15, Grades 9 to 12 were able to apply for permission to reopen, with strict adherence to health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In late September, Prime Minister Hun Sen called on the Ministry of Education to allow the reopening of public and state universities throughout the country following the reopening of those grades.