A Three class room -school building, another new achievement under financial support from Zakat Foundation of America, was handed over to the Muslim Community in Tbong Kmom Province


Tbong Khmom: A school building with tree classrooms equipped with desks, study materials, bathrooms with a total cost of 32,280 USD, which was funded by Zakat Foundation of America, was handed overe to the Muslim Community in the honorable presence of His Excellency Sles Nazy, Advisor to the Ministry of Information and The President of Cambodian Muslim Media Center.

The handing over ceremony was held on January 27, 2022 in Trea 1 Village, Trea Commune, Krouch Chhmar District, Tbong Khmum Province, with the participation of Imam Hakem Toun, Teachers, Commune Representative, Local Authority, Parents and many students.

Mr. Romly Bin Solaiman, Principal of this school on behalf of parents and students, expressed his excitement to receive the new school now, because for more than 10 years, he had been teaching in an inappropriate classroom, that is teaching at home, he would also like to thank the Zakat Foundation of America. In particular, H.E Sles Nazy, who provided this beautiful school building to serve the field of religious education, making it easier for students to have a comfortable place to study.


In this program, H.E Sles Nazy brought a message from H.E Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information, and donors who always thought and cared for the people in the community, and he would like join his joys and congratulation to all people and students who have received a new school called the Sister Jihad Yaghmour Islamic Academy, Palestine as its the name with name of respected donor.

His Excellency Sles Nazy adding that the provision of this beautiful school building happened after His Excellency visited and inspected the difficulties and shortages of suitable places for students in this area and with the request from the teachers, then with the approval from Zakat Foundation of America.

While announcing the opening of this beautiful school building, H.E Sles Nazy, on behalf of the donors, instructed the school committee, teachers, students and the people to take care of this school. For the common good of the students, and for the all generations who have studied and make it stand as educational center for a long time, and welcome to the organizations and associations that wish to contribute to the continuous development to make this school a place to provide better knowledge.

In addition, H.E Sles Nazy and his teamwork also brought gifts including Quran, study materials, praying closthes, Sarungs and date fruit to students, teachers and people who participated in the program.

It should also be informed that this school building was built at a total cost of $ 32,880 with 3 classrooms, desks, study materials, bathrooms which was funded by a Muslim philanthropist in the United States through the Zakat Foundation of America, cooperation with Cambodian Muslim Media Center.