A Rural Muslim in Pursat Province enjoyed the Udihayah meat funded by US Muslim through Zakat Foundation of America this year


Pursat: Seven Qurbani cows donated by Muslim brothers and Sisters in the USA through Zakat Foundation of America, were slaughtered and distributed the meat of 2Kg each family to Muslim families in Kampong Speu for celebrating the Eid Ul Adha on July 22, 2021. After the villagers’ representatives expressed their happiness and gratitude to the donors, H.E Sles Nazy, advisor to Ministry of Information and the president of Cambodian Muslim Media Center said “In cooperation with Zakat Foundation of America, this is years CAMM continue to receive the allocation of Qurban fund from Zakat Foundation of America to slaughter and distribute the meat to the Muslim community”.

He expressed his gratitude to all donors in the USA for donating these cows to our Muslim community in Cambodia even though they were far away and never known each other especially in the Covid-19 crisis, but this was the spirit of unity in Islam that mace the project possible.

He added “I would like to commemorate to participants and those who received the Qurban meat and contribute in community development work because the slaughtering Qurbani cow showed the spirit of devotion and unity, as well as the shared culture that Islam has taught since the time of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Upon Him).

In the program H.E Sles Nazy also taking the opportunity to urge the people to continue to be vigilant against the COVID- 19 virus, calling on the people to continue to follow the instructions of the head of the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health. In conclusion, he was confident that the Zakat Foundation of America will continue to support this project and other development projects for the sake of our community and our nation especially he also prays to Allah to bless and reward all the donors for what they have spent. The Muslim community who have received Qurbani meat and authorities have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the donors and the team of Cambodian Muslim Media Center for their work hard. It should be noted that the Qurban project has been a part of the annual project in the humanitarian program that CAMM has been implementing in collaboration with philanthropists and foreign organizations in order to promote the common spirit and share for the community.