A Islamic School Building with 4 Classrooms funded by Aqrab World was handed over to fill the shortage of classrooms at Anneak Mah Islamic School, O’Smach Village, Kampong Tralach District, Kampong Chhnang Province.


Kampong Chhnang: On the morning of September 12, 2022, in Osmach village, Chhouk Sor commune, Kampong Tralach district, Kampong Chhnang province, a building of Anneak Mah Osmach Kampong Chhnang with 4 rooms, which received financial support from overseas philanthropists, was handed over. Launched in the presence of His Excellency Sles Nazy, Advisor to the Ministry of Information and President of the Cambodian Muslim Media Center, Haji Ismail Abubaker, Representative of Aqrab World Association of Singapore, and Mr. Kermat, Imam Committee of Kampong Tralach District, Representative of Imam Province Oriental schools, students and a large number of guardians.
According to a report from Mr. Ishmael Tayyep, the principal of Anneak Mah School, O’Smach Village, Kampong Chhnang, there are 190 students, including 101 female students. There are 103 students staying in the school, including students from far-away provinces, including Pursat, Kampong Cham, and Battambang.

He described that in the past it was very difficult to teach students, sometimes they had to teach under the porch, and sometimes they had to teach in the kitchen because there were so many students in O’smach village but there was a lack of school buildings. The school leadership also applied for assistance from philanthropists in Singapore through Tuan Mohammad Lee under the auspices of the Cambodia Muslim Media Center.
After receiving the application and seeing the difficulties, the Singaporean philanthropist, through Aqrab World, agreed to provide financial assistance for the construction of a four-room school building to alleviate the suffering and strengthen religious education in the Community.
On behalf of the principal of Anneak Mah O’smach, Kampong Chhnang, and on behalf of the parents of the students, Mr. Ishmael Tayyep expressed his happiness and deep gratitude to the philanthropists of Singapore through Aqrab World for providing financial support for the construction of the beautiful building.

At the same time, Mr. KERMAT, Imam Committee of Kampong Tralach District, and Mr. Imam, Provincial Representative also thanked the philanthropists of Singapore, especially Aqrab World for providing a new school building in Kampong Tralach District, which is another new achievement. Contributed to the development of Islamic education.
He said that Anneak Mah School in Kampong Chhnang is a school that has trained a lot of human resources, some students used to study here a few years ago and continue to study abroad, but now they are back Instead, teaching the next generation of children who are the successors of bamboo.

Haji Ismail Abubaker, Representative of Aqrab World Association of Singapore, congratulated the students and their parents on the new building and called on the students and guardians to take part in the new achievement for a long time. To the next generation of children.
Haji Ismail Abubaker thanked the Royal Government, authorities at all levels, school leaders, and Toun Mohamad Lee for directing the construction work, as well as the Cambodian Muslim Media Center, especially H.E Sles Nazy, for facilitating the construction of the new school building unntil it is completed.
Speaking at the event, H.E Sles Nazy, Advisor to the Ministry of Information and President of the Cambodia Muslim Media Center said that the education sector is an important area that the Royal Government is paying attention to. While our government has given full freedom to Muslims in all fields, we must all pay attention to building quality human resources, because when human resources are more, it will lead to the development of society.
Through this new school, His Excellency hopes to encourage young people to study harder to become important human resources in society and become successors, and His Excellency also called on all parents to take care. This new achievement is for the long-term benefit and also needs to pay attention to teachers, because some teachers do not have a monthly salary.

His Excellency the Advisor of the Ministry of Information also thanked the authorities at all levels for facilitating the construction of this school until it was successful. Special thanks to the leadership of Aqrab World and all the donors who contributed to this project.
It should be informed that the building of Anneak Mah O’smach School, Kampong Chhnang, equal to 4 rooms, which is now inaugurated, started construction in April 2021 and was completed on July 29, 2022, at a cost of approximately More than $ 30,000 will be installed in every room under the financial support of philanthropists in Singapore through the Aqrab World Association, and in addition to this project, Aqrab word is also helping to raise cattle and other humanitarian projects in O’smach village.