25 families in Khan Russey Keo receives donations from Cambodian Red Cross


The branch of the Cambodian Red Cross is distributed to families of the elderly, poor, and disabled in one of Khan Russey Keo’s sangkats.

The distribution of the donations took place on the morning of November 25. The families gathered at the mosque located at Kilometre 8. The distribution team from the Cambodian Red Cross was led by the Governor of Russey Keo District and Chairman of the Working Group of the Cambodian Red Cross Sub-Branch in Russey Keo, Ek Khun Doeun.

The donations were given to families in Sangkat Chrang Chamres II. The donations were handed over to 12 poor families, 10 elderly families, and families of three disabled people.

The Cambodian Red Cross distributed 25 kgs of rice, one box of instant noodles, and other foodstuffs. The families also received masks and a budget of 20,000 riels.

During the distribution, the District Governor appealed to the citizens not to be negligent and continue to comply with the Covid-19 prevention measures.