18 clean water hand pump wells and 1 tube well donated to 100 water-deprived families in Tboung Khmum Province


On February 15, 2020, the Cambodian Muslim Media Center, led by H.E Sles Nazy, Advisor to the Ministry of Information and the president, handed over 18 clean water hand pump wells and 1 tube well that funded from the Zakat Foundation of America to 100 water-deprived families with the estimated 490 people live in Sangkom Thmey Village of Sralob commune, Tboung Khmum district, of Tboung Khmum province.

In the occasion of handing over the wells, H.E Sles Nazy said that all these wells were a fundraising by our generous man in the United States, so after you got them, let take care of them for long term usage. He also encouraged the beneficiaries to drink boiled water even though the water got from the water wells are clean and safe. “All beneficiaries should plant vegetables nearby the water wells and also can use these water for other usage in sake of your benefit or you can share these water to other villagers if they need” He added. Last, he advised to the beneficiaries to keep water well clean and maintain them for long time usage.

On behalf of the villagers who benefit from these water wells, Mr. Sok Sadin, the villager 38 years old, expressed their deepest gratitude and thanks to donors and Zakat Foundation of America through Cambodian Muslim Media Center for their invaluable and generous donations. This is our commitment to preserving these achievements for the long term in the future.