100 Muslim Fishermen Families received Iftar Food Hampers from Zakat Foundation of America


With the Financial support from the Zakat Foundation of America in Ramadan 2021, the Cambodian Muslim Media Center has distributed Iftar food hampers to 100 Muslim needy families in Koh Thmey Village, Koh Thmey Commune, Kandal  Province. The Distribution Program was done with honorary attended by the local authorities and Imam on the 5th of May 2021.

After the Local Imam, Mr. Amin addressed the report and the village situation and express thank the donors as well as the NGO team, H.E Sles Nazy, an adviser to the Ministry of Information and the president of the Cambodian Muslim Media Center organization, expressed his happiness with the people who received the Iftar Food Packages today and on behalf of the Brothers and Sisters from Zakat Foundation of America but he also sorry as the distribution was a bit late because of the lockdown and restrictions caused by the pandemic.

He was sending the love and caring from the donors to the people even they were facing worse covid 19 situations but they never forget our needy people around the world including our Cambodian People. He added even the food packages came a little late, but these can meet your needs during the month of Ramadan. He hopes that the Zakat Foundation of America would continue to help the people of Cambodia as much as possible through good cooperation with Cambodian Muslim Media.

In this Ramadan in the food packages consist of 50 kg of rice, 1 kg of sugar, 2 bottles of Cooking oil, 4 cans of milk, 1 carton of instant noodles, 1 kg of Salt, and 5 canned fish. This is not the only project that the Zakat Foundation of America helps our Muslims in Cambodia, so far the organization has been funding the water well project, Qurban, and Mosque Construction.